Should nobody in business develop contacts?

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They say it is not what you know in business, but who you know matters. So the higher the position you climb up the corporate ladder, the more connections you should have. Anything happens, just open your contact list, dial a number or send an email, voila you are done. Once you are in a powerful seat, getting useful connections should be the easiest thing to accomplish. But ironically sometimes nobody in the business still needs to find contacts, basically a self starter; then the whole process pains like hell.

Cold emails, often no one would ever answer. Cold call, the operator would simply say “sorry we only transfer call according to our staff name, not based on your business request”, especially in China, i.e. China Mobile, ZTE. Anyhow occasionally if you get lucky and a chance to talk to someone, the next maneuver is more like begging, negociating, persuading, or flattering in order to achieve your objectives. It hurts sometimes, feels absolutely no self-pride.

Or you can make business acquaintances in a warm way, let us say, during a networking event. However if your name card does not show you have a C level or Director title, you might feel people, especially higher levels, are not that interested in you.

Sounds tough? Of course, life is tough, especially for nobody.

So in the end, the fundamental question we need to ask ourselves is do small people in business need to or try to make connections? Probably no. Being small or lower level means no one would take you much seriously. The time and energy you spend in doing such task are often fruitless. You can make little efforts for that, but never trying too hard.

Then what should small people do? Maybe improve your business knowledge level and be a keen observers of your working surroundings; therefore when you eventually have the chance to mount up to a decision maker position,  time to expand your network and other people would immediately recognize your business acumen and pay you respect. Of course, until then, making business friend is not your priority.


Cecilia Wu

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