Many start to benefit from the Wechat ecosystem in China

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WechatCompanies in China I have been talking to, heedless of B2B or B2C, are very willing to push their Wechat strategy, or at least open a corporate account on Wechat lately. This means happy time for these digital agencies. Wechat digital strategy and implemetation should be an easy sale. I do not reckon every industry should follow, but sometimes the trend is simply hard to dimiss.

I also went to few digital conferences, and companies that claimed to promote branding on the ecosystem of Wechat are often a draw of the crowd nowdays. For example a social branding agency Teein, albeit a startup, its video (see above) about Wechat campaign to improve CRM conducted for La Roche Posay has become popular. A must watch and I highly recommend.

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